Defining the open standard
for rapid development of
high end embedded platforms

A modular system open to the community of embedded developers.
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Enjoy technology getting rid of the issues related to obsolescence and lack of information! U-MoBo is an open and fully documented modular system which enables users to join an ever growing community of players.

Whether you do it for business or for educational purpose, you'll find U-MoBo the right companion to expand your knowledge and expertise, keeping the pace with the evolving applications.

Built on top of a baseboard which can host a CPU module and up to three expansion modules, the U-MoBo system can be integrated with different interfaces packed in a convenient form factor - and it is fully supported in software. Read more in the documents area.

The adoption of a development kit for university courses in electronics or programming is no longer a bet nor a two-way commitment to a specific technology or hardware source.

The future-proof modular and reusable approach of U-MoBo lets you focus on the specific area of interest - should it be the latest embedded OS realtime performance analysis, the study of new paradigms in user interfaces or the design of experimental communication hardware.

The availability of a complete documentation and the support of the community is an invaluable source of information to expand a student knowledge, dropping the seeds for the ideas of tomorrow.

Introducing new technology in a lab has never been easier. The commitment of U-MoBo to make the emerging technology quickly available, as well as the contribution of all the participants to the community, makes U-MoBo the right toolkit to deal with new designs.

Besides fast prototyping, you are finally allowed to build up a system with a professional look and feel for demonstration purpose to your boss or to the end user  - no more sparse boards cluttered with cables and wires!

Increasing demand for high end user interfaces and control units with high horsepower usually requires quite long development cycles, which leads to high NRI - a thing that many mid and small companies cannot afford.

U-MoBo has accepted the high-mix/low-volume challenge by offering an ever expanding selection of hardware blocks (CPUs, interfaces, displays with resistive or capacitive touch panel) delivered with full software support to build up systems tailored to the application.

Need a a portable data acquisition terminal with wireless connectivity? Need a custom industrial control device with rich UI and rugged capacitive touch panel interface? U-MoBo is there to help reaching the goal!

Delivering readily useable hardware to customers for product evaluation and marketing purpose has always been a major hassle for silicon vendors.

U-MoBo supersedes the SDK model, enabling companies to focus on feature-rich demonstration of portable and reusable hardware modules (either SoM for CPUs or ExM for peripheral devices).

This approach finally bridges the gap between silicon vendors and technology end users, delivering to the U-MoBo community leading edge hardware quickly and efficiently, with complete software support.

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